Arizona Dreaming ?

Why is Arizona such a popular location?

How to prepare for an Arizona Lifestyle

Why do snowbirds Flock to Arizona?

What do YOU want to know about Arizona?

Arizona is one the most popular locations for folks looking to improve their health, begin a new adventure in a sunny location, and enjoy the fantastic climate.

Our area (Maricopa County) has been known as the largest county by land mass in the contiguous united states. It is home to many thriving businesses and educational options. It is teaming with an abundance of wildlife, outdoors activities, and happy people. We have great medical options including the world-famous Mayo Clinic.

Housing is affordable. We have a blossoming downtown area with condo living, wide open expanses of land for horses, hiking, and ATVs, and many active adult communities with plentiful amenities to brag about.

Summers here can be quite warm, which many northerners may find daunting at first. However, they quickly adapt by considering AZ summers somewhat like the opposite of their northern winters. Air conditioning takes the place of heating. Cool water rather than hot coffee is always carried with you, and insulated bags or coolers are better than plastic bags when buying groceries. Simple, right?

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