Real Estate IS CHANGING. Are you ready?

What’s next in the industry? 

Soon you will be able to tour homes on your own, sell nearly instantly, and do almost everything for buying or selling online. 

If you’re an experienced real estate professional or an investor, it’s a great new era!

If you’re new to an area, unsure about state law, or want the best deal, working with “iBuyer” companies could be dangerous to your financial health.

Using instant buyers like Zillow, Offerpad, Opendoor, Purple Bricks, and Homie (to name a few) can cost you thousands more.  While convenient, don’t be fooled. Your realtor can do better in almost every case. 

Buying from these folks is risky too.  They don’t know the history of properties they hastily rehab and sell.  Hidden dangers can lurk without a detailed property disclosure. Flippers and Rehabbers have never lived in the properties they ready for sale. They don’t have a history. For the most transparency and to sleep better at night, use a qualified agent who is working for YOU!

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